Going Around With Bachelors [eBook]

Going Around With Bachelors [eBook]


Going Around With Bachelors by Agnes Walsh
2007, eBook
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Agnes Walsh’s first book, In the Old Country of My Heart, is one of the most read and best loved books of poetry to come out of Newfoundland. Going Around with Bachelors continues and extends Walsh’s distinctive subject matter: the past in the present, Ireland and Portugal in Newfoundland, weather internal and external, the Cape Shore. Here are poems of place and of people in place, of family both immediate and extended. They are also absolutely contemporary poems by a poet, gifted with a remarkably flexible and distinctive voice, who is planted, in her own words, “straight up and down into what’s new.” 

The Laying Out, 1956

"Wash the corpse, put on the habit,
put the pennies on the eyelids,
the prayer book under the jaw,
fold the arms with the rosary beads
entwined around the fingers,
stop the clock, turn the looking glass
to the wall, knock him on the forehead
with the hammer to make sure he’s dead."

Born and brought up in Placentia, Newfoundland, Walsh studied folklore in Georgia (USA), before returning home and taking to writing plays, poetry and fiction founded in her love of her ancestral place. She divides her time between St. John’s and Patrick’s Cove around the Cape Shore from Placentia. In 2006 she was named the inaugural St. John’s Poet Laureate.

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