Getting Sex

Getting Sex


Getting Sex: A New Approach - More Fun, Less Guilt by John Alan Lee

first published 1978, paperback


Millions of North Americans go to bed each night sexually hungry. But one group in the community has reduced the frustration and unhappiness caused by failure of the sexual delivery system. Bars, discos, tearooms, tubs, are all places where a gay man can find a compatible sexual partner with no need for emotional involvement and little fear or pain from rejection. The gay world includes a system for delivering sex to those who need it - playful, uncomplicated sex.

Gay people must learn to accept sexual needs they were brought up to reject. In studying their ways of meeting these needs, sociologist John Alan Lee has found that gays have learned how to obtain an ample supply of casual sex that is satisfying and joyful. Heterosexuals have a lot to learn from the gay wisdom. Professor Lee brings to this analysis of the gay sex delivery system the same honesty, compassion, and wisdom that he showed in his international best seller The Colors Of Love. Getting Sex shows readers the way to more joyful sex through lessons from the gay community.