Flamingo Rampant! Book Set

Flamingo Rampant! Book Set


Flamingo Rampant! 6 Book Set (plus backpack tote!)

first published 2015, paperback


Is That For a Boy or a Girl (by S. Bear Bergman, Illus. Rachel Dougherty)

A series of short poems in which gender-independent children introduce themselves proudly to the reader. 


Love is in the Hair (by Syrus Ware)

A little girl's gay uncles tell her stories of their family through the objects woven into their dreadlocks while she waits for her new baby sibling to be born.


The Zero Dads Club (by Angel Adeyoha, Illus. Aubrey Williams)

Five students in the second grade form a club and hatch a plan for a special craft to do while their classmates make Father's Day cards.


Newspaper Pirates (by J Wallace Skelton, Illus. Ketch Wehr)

Anthony Bartholomew goes on an apartment-building-wideadventure to solve the mystery of who is stealing his dads' newspaper.


M is for Mustache (by Catherine Hernandez, Illus. Marisa Firebaugh) 

An ABC's of Pride book featuring a young girl with a large (and larger-than-life!) chosen family.


A Princess of Great Daring (by Tobey Hill-Meyer, Illus. Elenore Toczynski)

A young trans girl and her three best friends use their fabulous play to solidify a loving strategy for helping Jamie come out at school.