Faithful are the Wounds

Faithful are the Wounds


Faithful are the Wounds by May Sarton
1985, Paperback

A powerful dramatization of the plight of the embattled American liberal in the 1950s, this novel is set in the academic world of Harvard and Cambridge. Its central character is Edward Cavan, an English professor and an unquestioned genius, who commits suicide.

The real Edward Cavan was vastly different from the sometimes chilly facade he presented to most of the world. Shy and seemingly remote from ordinary life, he was not only respected for his unique intelligence but greatly loved by his friends. He had never accepted the safe cocoon-life a university can offer; he was passionately involved with life outside, and deeply committed politically. He was driven by the need to be something more than a witness. 

Cavan's death sets off a shock wave of soul-searching among Cavan's friends. But they find a way out of despair, for Cavan has given them a faith and courage they did not have before.