FAG (Facts About Gays)

FAG (Facts About Gays)


FAG (Facts About Gays) by Alonzo Westbrook

paperback, 2013

"Some will look at its title: F.A.G., and claim it incendiary, but when one attempts to change a narrative, he begins with a word. The word “fag” has terrorized gay people for decades and moving forward, when one types F-A-G into a computer or mobile device, he will see Facts About Gays, which explicitly details how gays are more than what men have been told.

At a time when 54 percent of the mainstream is embracing gays and more gays are coming out, my intent is to provide answers to questions and be a conduit to conversation. A Queen’s English, A Very Gay Dictionary (p 361) helps.

Parents need this book, educators need it, co-workers need, and so do some gays who find themselves in a battle with their sexuality, reminding me that freedom in its entirety cannot be legislated, but is a state of mind.

I write for the sake of freedom.

A section in F.A.G. called Gaydiquette (p 336) is filled with advice on how to properly navigate homosexual life. Matrimonial gaydiquette (p 356) advises how to negotiate gay marriage in those (19) states that allow it. In Chapters 1 and 2, I delve into the whys and how come of gay, the struggle: mental and emotional, and lay bare what it is that gay men seek. I confront the role of molestation as sexual interference in Chapter 3, and in Chapter 4, the outdated sex laws of the church, which have proven to interfere with spiritual lives. In Chapter 5, I discuss the wicked and wonderful gay culture. Chapter six is called Chapter SEX and it’s all about sex and includes ‘A SEX TEST’ that will give men pause. Chapter 7 is a discussion about the horny search for love on apps and the Internet, Chapter 8 is about the struggle to love, and Chapter 9, with its Top 10 Ways to Mate-a-Man, aims to show how love is done, especially for self.

Columbia University professor Andrew Gelman says people have a network of 750 people and 5 percent of those are gay (p 329). Yet, as each gay person can attest, including Jason Collins and Michael Sam, coming out happens in its own time. Even in today’s arms-arched-like-a-rainbow climate, gay children made homeless due to their sexual orientation, know it’s not always safe to come out…and so I write with the hope people will read Facts About Gays and see people whom they consider  to be fags differently."

-from the author's website http://www.factsaboutgays.com/?page_id=23