Drag King Book

Drag King Book


Drag King Book by Judith Halberstam

paperback, 1999


"What is a Drag King? Why have Drag Kings not been as numerous or as popular as their Drag Queen counterparts in popular culture? Are Drag Kings lesbians? THE DRAG KING BOOK tells you everything you've wanted to know and more about the lives and performances of contemporary male impersonators. The book profiles many different performers, among them San Francisco's larger-than-life Elivs Herselvis and New York's mackdaddy Dred, and presents interviews with Drag Kings alongside descriptions and analyses of actual shows. Lavishly illustrated with over 100 pictures by transgender photographer Del LaGrace Volcano, THE DRAG KING BOOK is a striking testament to the multiple forms of gender variance today."

-from the back cover of the book