dr.a.g. by Christopher Logan
2012, Hardcover

In the early days of theatre, male actors played both the male and female roles. They were either dr.a.g. (dressed as girl) or dr.a.b. (dressed as boy).

Drag has become a diverse form of expression that challenges, entertains, and educates by pushing boundaries, while embracing beauty, comedy and glamour. The performers in this book are evidence of that diversity, captured by some of the top photographers working in today’s world.

It is thanks to all the performers and photographers who have donated their work that this beautiful book has been made possible. But it is especially one well‐loved performer of the Las Vegas strip who cajoled his fellow entertainers to send in photographs and led us to connections to others. We earned the credibility to approach others thanks to our connections to drag royalty such as Frank Marino, Eddie Edwards, Randy Roberts, Mr. Kenneth Blake, Chad Michaels and Elaine Lancaster. We were able to include drag icons Jackie Beat, Charles Busch, Lady Bunny, Joey Arias, the amazing ‘Marilyn Monroe centerspread’ Jimmy James, Miss Coco Peru and the legendary Jim Bailey who closes the book.

The show is started by our ‘connector angel’, Mr. Larry Edwards, whose positive energy, spirit and talent are in large part what this book is celebrating.