Doug's Birthday Gift to Glad Day Lit

Doug's Birthday Gift to Glad Day Lit


Celebrate Doug Kerr's 50th birthday with a gift to Glad Day Lit!

Glad Day Lit is the non-profit arm of Glad Day Bookshop. Three of the main goals of Glad Day Lit are to:

  • Increase supports for underrepresented LGBTQ identities & experiences
  • Build bridges between people of different generations and cultures in the LGBTQ community.
  • Use story as a catalyst to resist oppression, explore desire, increase love & heal trauma for anyone whose gender or sexual identity doesn’t fit society’s narrow limits and expectations.

One of the central projects of Glad Day Lit is running Naked Heart - The LGBTQ Festival of words, which is already become the largest Festival of it's kind in the world.

You can choose your support level by clicking on the amount buttons above. Any donation you can give will be felt. 

Thank you for celebrating Doug and his commitment to LGBTQ community, culture and story.


Note: Glad Day Lit is an incorporated non-profit but not a charity so we cannot issue tax receipts.