Dos Equis

Dos Equis


Dos Equis: A Russell Quant Mystery by Anthony Bidulka
2012, Paperback 

After a year-long, self-imposed exile, ten whispered words in a cryptic telephone message change everything for Russell Quant: "Quant, you are the only one who can help me." Returning to his life as a prairie private eye, he comes face to face with the greatest horror of his career. 

When an old rival is found dead, Quant is thrust into his most personal and dangerous case yet. Up against a cold, calculating villain, Russell risks everything, including the lives of those he loves. 

Fighting to right a wrong done by a cold, calculating villain, Russell recruits his entire entourage of family and friends in an unforgettable caper that races from the frigid winterscapes of Saskatchewan to the pristine beaches of Mexico's Costa Grande, in a tale of love, loss, lies, and coming home. 

Dos Equis is the eighth book in the Russell Quant mystery series.