Donate to Support Ryan Recover From His Attack
Donate to Support Ryan Recover From His Attack

Donate to Support Ryan Recover From His Attack


A member of our LGBTQ community and drag performer, Ryan BOA, was brutally attacked in his own home last night and was robbed.

In his own words:

Last night, I made a horrible decision of inviting someone over to my house for drinks after my booking. he was extremely nice, outgoing, charismatic, and sweet. after hanging out for a bit, he kept bugging me to have sex with him and I wouldn't budge. he then all of a sudden, got extremely angry and started attacking me. he literally kicked the shit out of me, stole my phone, wallet, laptop and money. when you meet someone out and think you want to bring them home...think twice

We live in a community founded on love and justice. This attacker violated the basic values of our community and we will take action to mend the damage he has done. It is our hope that he will be brought to justice.
But it's up to us to bring the love.

Let's show Ryan there is plenty of love for him in our community and beyond!
Any amount you can give will help Ryan with the following costs:
- Replacing laptop
- Replacing phone
- Replacing stolen money
- Recovering income lost from not being able to work

Ryan will receive 100% of all of the funds donated through this page.

So far we have received $2200 in donations!

(This page was created and shared with Ryan's permission)