DONATE to Former Employees of 'The Grilled Cheese'

DONATE to Former Employees of 'The Grilled Cheese'


Employees of 'The Grilled Cheese' in Kensington have been denied thousands of dollars in wages. Many of you know these good people so we've set up this page to collect donations for them.
There is also a page on GoFundMe but the benefit of donating on the Glad Day Bookshop site is that they keep 100% of the funds and they can get the money immediately as it comes in. The reason Glad Day Bookshop is helping out is that Michael Erickson, one of the owners, was Kris Kadas' high school teacher; Kris is the employee leading the fight against this workplace injustice.

From the former staff:

"As some of you may or may not have seen our story unfold in the media (Global News and other outlets ), we as employees of The Grilled Cheese have been collectively bilked out of thousands of dollars. 

Despite many efforts put forth to rectify the situation it has resulted in a stalemate between our employer and the multitude of employees who are still out of pocket. The restaurant has now closed and has no sign of reopening in the future, meaning there is no hope for our staff to get the wages they are owed. 

Collecting the payment we worked for from our former employer is now out of the question, so we have taken to Go Fund Me to help get everyone back on their feet and acquire the funds we budgetted our lives around and will not receive otherwise. 

Though the labor board has been contacted for some, the sense of urgency in our situation does not allow for the time frame of 6-12 months of processing. Even so, not everyone is guaranteed their earnings. 

The following is a breakdown of the wages witheld from the staff, we have chosen to leave the staff anonymous: 

1: $1237.50
2: $856.75
3: $1987.50
4: $335.00
5: $187.00
6: $310.00
7: $1200.00
8: $837.00
9: $72.00
10: $400.00
11: $300.00

Total: $7723.50

After months of searching for a solution, we have exhausted our options and see this campaign as a sort of last hope. Any donation helps towards getting each of us out of the red. 

Thanks for your time and with luck, generosity 
The former employees of The Cheese "