Dominicanos by Bruno Gmunder

hardcover, 2014

Through the eyes of Ernest and his powerful lens that understands what it means to be young, Dominican, gifted, smart, and beautiful, we are invited into a spatial coexistence that purifies the soul, intensifies your senses, and allows you to travel in a world - their world of rare places, of stately guises of Dominican men ready to make their appearance. Out of the periphery of dark crevices, the underbelly of hills and mountains, and the countryside of shadows they rise and are situated in the centre of the margins of unmistaken beauty redefined, reimagined, and reclaimed! They tell their stories not only of who they are, but of a rich country and bountiful.

The essence of Dominican men oozes with pure sexual heat and desire. They are consciously aware of their prowess and sexuality. They have no problem displaying their deserving arrogance. When they walk into a room, the air sits around them and waits for them to take a breath.

-from the dust jacket