Defying Gay Gravity

Defying Gay Gravity


Defying Gay Gravity by Greg Kentris
first published 2013, paperback

Gordi Maxton knows he's different. In fact, he’s known for a long time now.

As if dealing with regular teenage hang-ups and drama isn't enough, this 13-year-old boy is struggling to live his life. Period. With middle school graduation just hours away, Gordi has to decide whether or not he’s ready to tell the people in his life that he's gay.

All he wants to do is feel free, to live on the outside how he feels on the inside. Seems a simple concept in theory, but faced with his final walk across the stage to accept his certificate of middle-school graduation he has one final decision to make.

Choosing to be who you are, despite the odds, is what defying gay gravity is all about.