Deerhaven Pines

Deerhaven Pines


Deerhaven Pines by Diana McRae

2012, Paperback

The foothills of California hold many beauties—and many secrets. The walls of Deerhaven Forest Hall protect the cherished secrets of its residents, and all that they believe and have guarded for more years than they can count. 

Sula Smith is the latest protector. Married to duty and desperate to preserve what so many want to destroy, her trysts are short-lived and never repeated. The nearby town of Deerhaven Pines knows her, or of her. 

A young Danville housewife visits the estate house in the Gold Country where her abusive husband grew up and there, she falls in love with his sister. A shooting occurs and they have to flee into the mountains, pursued by a homophobic minister. Their only hope is a mysterious librarian who may or may not come to their rescue! 

Welcome to Deerhaven Pines, where history, fate, love and justice begins...and ends.