Counter Play

Counter Play


Counter Play by Anne Snyder
1981, Paperback

"Moving with his parents from Army base to Army base, Brad Stevens never had time to make real friends.  When his family settled in the small California town of Ft. Hanning, he was determined things would be different.  Yet even as star quarterback of Brad found it tough-until he met Alex.  On the field, they were unbeatable, and they soon became inseparable off the field as well.  Even when Alex told Brad that he was gay, it didn't seem to change anything.  Brad went for girls and Alex didn't.  So what? They could still be good friends, couldn't they?

But when ugly rumours started circulating at school, Brad was faced with the choice of standing by his friend and losing a West Point appointment, or giving in to the disapproving pressure from his family, girl friend, teammates, and the whole town..."