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Cosmopolitan Nomad
Cosmopolitan Nomad

Cosmopolitan Nomad

The Cosmopolitan Nomad :  A Globetrotter's Story by Karim G R Ladak
2017, Limited Edition Hardcover
"Travel is in my blood. Nourishment for my intellect and music for my soul."

The Cosmopolitan Nomad is an homage to travel. With prolific synopses of countries rarely represented in travel writing, breathtaking photographs, illustrated paintings and poetry, this is a feast for the soul. This is the perfect book to lose yourself in rich images, learn about other places and dream about your own journey. 

Karim Ladak is a man who has lived many lives and transformed many more.
Just like any one place is not one thing, any one moment, any one image - Karim Ladak is not only one thing. He is a man who has helped build business networks across the world and a man who has helped build the foundation for international LGBTQ human rights networks. He is a man who respects both faith and choice. He is a man with a plan and he delights in whimsy. Just like any vibrant Cosmopolitan, he embodies the spirit of being many things all at once. Just like this beautiful book he has made for all of us.

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