Conversations with Skeletons [eBook]

Conversations with Skeletons [eBook]

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Conversations With Skeletons by Kirk DeMatas
2012, eBook
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Join author Kirk DeMatas on a journey back in time as he visits the seemingly autocratic world of the past in his poetry collection, Conversations with Skeletons. Written over a three-year period, the poems chronicle the radical re-enactment of past experiences—effectively dialogues between DeMatas and other versions of himself.

This collection represents a gruelling exercise in psychological dissection through poetic discourse. DeMatas confronts the sources that feed his fears, his anger, his lasciviousness, and his insecurities, all with the hope of finally exorcising the metaphorical demons clutching onto his soul.

 Accompanied by stunning photos by Tosin I. Arasi of TIA International Photography, the poetry written for this collection is occasionally raw, often intense, and always extremely revealing. Conversations with Skeletons collects one man’s conversations with his personal skeletons.

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