Confessions of an Empty Purse

Confessions of an Empty Purse


Confessions of an Empty Purse by S. McDonald

first published in 2010, paperback

"Toronto poet S. McDonald’s debut collection of poetry Confessions of an Empty Purse (Frontenac House, 2010) is a startling book of poems that uniquely splices all of the intricacies of an individual caught between genders, manifesting the depths of transition into one seamless, well manicured confessional. McDonald’s poems are written in an incredible narrative style, filled with semblances of normality, fantasy, and suicidal tendencies.

S. McDonald was born, raised and continues to relentlessly live in Toronto under the guise of what’s known as gender-neutral pronouns “ze” and “zir.” McDonald explains it was something that began a few years ago with some trans-people, in order to get away from the traditional “he” or “she,” to be more non-specific about not only what gender one is, but about gender in general. McDonald admits that the “gender-neutral pronoun” philosophy has not completely caught-on with all trans-people, sighting that many still have a lot invested in the male/female paradigm, but it’s a way of expression McDonald likes and finds useful."

- The Toronto Quarterly