Catalyst.  Saga of the Radicals - Book 1

Catalyst. Saga of the Radicals - Book 1

Catalyst.  Book 1 in the Saga of the Radicals by Matti McLean
2011, Paperback

Micah lives a perfectly adequate life in an orderly, predictable world, filled with government rules designed to control the people and prevent uprising ...

Until one Tuesday evening.

After a surprise encounter in a dark alley, Micah’s life begins to quickly change, and he starts to question the seemingly perfect world around him. He soon finds out no one is what they seem to be... and that includes himself.

Catalyst is a fast-paced sci-fi about a dystopian society which controls their inhabitants out of fear of what they may be able to accomplish. Micah’s world is full of clones, cyborgs, super powers, mutants and advanced technology. Catalyst, and its sequels, will delight young readers everywhere and bring up the question: Are you reaching your potential?

Reading Level: Ages 10 and up.