Canadian Novel Package - Teacher & Librarian Picks!
Canadian Novel Package - Teacher & Librarian Picks!
Canadian Novel Package - Teacher & Librarian Picks!
Canadian Novel Package - Teacher & Librarian Picks!
Canadian Novel Package - Teacher & Librarian Picks!
Canadian Novel Package - Teacher & Librarian Picks!
Canadian Novel Package - Teacher & Librarian Picks!

Canadian Novel Package - Teacher & Librarian Picks!

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Ideal for Grade 11 & 12 ISU Projects
7 Novels
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SIX METRES OF PAVEMENT by Farzana Doctor (2011)
Ismail Boxwala made the worst mistake of his life one summer morning twenty years ago: he forgot his baby daughter in the back seat of his car. But Ismail’s story begins to change after he reluctantly befriends two women: Fatima, a young queer activist kicked out of her parents’ home; and Celia, his grieving Portuguese-Canadian neighbour who lives just six metres away. “Six Metres of Pavement asks how mourning can make way for grief when its cemented by guilt. Simmering in the background is a remarkable portrait of immigrant Toronto.” This Magazine
GREAT FOR: Readers who love stories that capture the complexity of relationships & subcultures in Toronto.
AWARD WINNER – LAMBDA Literary Award, Rainbow Award & Dewey Diva Pick

PRAIRIE OSTRICH by Tamai Kobayashi (2014)
The Murakami family is not happy. But in the hands of Tamai Kobayashi, their story becomes a drama of rare insight and virtuosity. Weighing physical, cultural, and emotional isolation against the backdrop of schoolyard battles and adult mysteries, Kobayashi paints a compelling portrait of a feisty and endearing outsider.
GREAT FOR: Readers who identify with balancing their hybrid identities or being scrappy outsiders.

SHE OF THE MOUNTAINS by Vivek Shraya (2014)
She of the Mountains is a beautifully rendered illustrated novel by Vivek Shraya, the author of the Lambda Literary Award finalist God Loves Hair. Shraya weaves a passionate, contemporary love story between a man and his body, with a re-imagining of Hindu mythology. Both narratives explore the complexities of embodiment and the damaging effects that policing gender and sexuality can have on the human heart.
GREAT FOR: Readers looking for overt bisexual characters or a book that affirms Brown bodies are beautiful.
BEST BOOKS OF 2014 – The Globe & Mail, Edmonton Journal, Maisonneuvre and more!

Inspired by a true story, When Everything Feels like the Movies is an edgy, extravagant novel for young people andothers, full of gender-bending teen glamour, dark mischief, and enough melodrama to incite the paparazzi. A boy who smells like Chanel Mademoiselle and reads Old Hollywood star biographies like gospel doesn't have the easiest path to travel in life, but somehow, Jude paves his road with yellow bricks and makes us all wish we could join him over the rainbow.
GREAT FOR: Reluctant Readers, readers who enjoy intense emotional tension.
AWARD WINNER: Governor General’s Literary Award for Children’s Fiction, 2014

THE GEORGRAPHY OF PLUTO by Christopher DiRaddo (2014)
The Geography of Pluto is a novel about impermanence, change, and the hope and despair they bring in equal measure. Through one young gay man's journey in contemporary Montreal, Christopher DiRaddo's debut reveals a simple but powerful truth: though the universe can sometimes be lonely, it is far from empty.
GREAT FOR: Readers who enjoy thoughtful, beautifully written stories of self-discovery.

Dan Sharp, a gay father and missing persons investigator, accepts an invitation to a wedding on a yacht in Ontario's Prince Edward County. But the event doesn't go exactly as planned. When a member of the wedding party is swept overboard, the hunt for a possible killer leads Dan deeper into the troubled private lives of a family of rich WASPs and their secret world of privilege.
GREAT FOR: Readers who like smart, mature literary mysteries set in Toronto.
AWARD WINNER – LAMBDA Literary Award for Gay Mystery, 2013

MATADORA by Elizabeth Ruth (2013)
“In Elizabeth Ruth’s enigmatic new novel Matadora, the mysterious, artful and incredibly brutal world of Spanish bullfighting is brought to life through the story of a young female Andalucian bullfighter called Luna. But the delicious, horrifying drama of Matadora doesn’t all take place within the dusty bullrings of the 1930s – the most spectacular elements of this novel happen within Luna herself.” – The Globe & Mail
GREAT FOR: Readers who like fierce women who challenge society’s norms and gender boundaries.
TOP 10 BOOKS OF 2013 – Now Magazine