Bisexual Characters in Film


Bisexual Characters in Film: From Anaïs to Zee by Wayne M. Bryant
Published in 1997, Paperback

"Bisexuals have largely been sealed into a movieland closet. In those relatively rare instances when they have been seen in films, they are often the subjects of jokes and abuse, and represented as killers and psychos, as deceitful husbands or conniving wives, as children trapped in the bodies of adults, as victims of extortion, as self-loathing and suicidal. Sexually they are likely seen as prostitutes and hustlers, insatiable animals perpetually in heat, or as vectors of transmission of deadly infectious disease.

"From silent days, to the Motion Picture Production Code, and into modern times, Wayne M. Bryant projects a focused beam of lights through a bisexual lens, illuminating our understanding of the place of bisexuals both behind and in front of the silver screen."

-Warren J. Blumenfeld