Best Lesbian Romance 2013

Best Lesbian Romance 2013

Best Lesbian Romance 2013 edited by Radclyffe

2013, paperback

The dizzying sensation of falling in love.

Radclyffe, the Best Lesbian Romance series legendary editor and a bestselling romance writer herself, says it best: “Love and romance may defy simple definition, but every story in this collection speaks to the universal thread that binds lovers everywhere—possibility.”

In Radclyffe’s own “Staying Power,” a farm boi falls for an older, blond equestrienne at the horse ranch. A tryst with a gorgeous masked stranger at an “Exotic Masquerade” boosts the confidence and desire of a married couple in L.T. Marie’s charming and surprising tale. Seeing and being seen is the subject of Catherine Paulssen’s “Life Drawing,” in which a ravishing artist’s model turns looking into longing and perhaps something more. Heart-melting love stories from Cheyenne Blue, Andrea Dale, Charlotte Dare, Sacchi Green, Anna Meadows and more. These are tales to read and fall in love by, all year long.

With stories by Cheyenne Blue, Ariel Graham, Sacchi Green, Anna Meadows, Diane Woodrow, Catherine Paulssen, Kate Dominic, Joey Bass, Mette Bach, Delilah Devlin, C.J. Harte, L.T. Marie, Charlotte Dare, Merina Canyon, Allison Wonderland, Andrea Dale, and Radclyffe.