Bedtime Stories by Peter Kingstone

first published 2015, paperback


"Peter Kingstone is an artist though not, until recently, a writer of fiction. He is best known as a videographer who makes occasional forays into installation, drawing, and sculpture, but a dry period, when it came to those usual creative impulses, prompted a feverish and virtually daily exercise in story writing. He emailed them to friends who could comment, or not, as they saw fit. They were not intended for publication, but here they are.

They are unsettling stories that seem to play fast and loose with the usual precepts of good writing. they are peopled with individuals you can't quite picture because their physical appearance is described minimally, if at all. Their world, too, is small - all the stories seem to take place in a vaguely urban or suburban environment in some first world country. They finally read as stories about cyphers in a no-man's land. Curiously, that's their strength. Particulars can let the reader off the hook. These stories don't."

-- Gerald Hannon, Introduction to Bedtime Stories