All Players

All Players


All Players by Rick Day
2012, Hardcover

Rick Day’s opulent coffee-table books Players and Players Two both became instant bestsellers. At first glance, the photographs are all about sports, about immaculate and trained bodies in rugby wear, tight trunks or nothing at all. But Rick Day doesn’t just take pictures of masculine sex appeal. His work impresses with an almost corporeal tension. The interaction of straightforwardness and intimacy keeps us wondering: Who is the subject and who is the object? Rick Day’s photographs are perfectly staged. All Players is a 288-page compilation with a lot of new unseen material.

Press Clippings

"There is more at work here. I think you’ll agree that Rick Day’s work is more than work for him - his joy is present in his photos and that’s what makes his books so wonderful. It’s more than the hard cocks and bodies – it’s that the guys like to work with him. Asses are raised, cocks are poised, game on." -