After Shocks

After Shocks


After Shocks by Jess Wells
1992, Paperback

Trout, aka Tracy Giovanni, is businesswoman and organizer extraordinaire. She has everything under control: a procedure for every task. Until the earthquake.

When the Big One hits San Francisco--8.0 on the Richter scale--things rock apart. And the aftershocks ripple through the lives of Trout, her partner Patricia and step-daughter Beth, and their friends and neighbours. The baby in the rubble, the women who dies in the street, the ducks caught in the oil spill: these are not the stuff of everyday life. They spring from disaster--chaos--and they take people back. Trout revisits her haunting childhood on the lake; Patricia, the poverty of small-town Kentucky; Lynn, the spirits of her ancestors.

The aftershocks also propel people forwards. New shapes emerge from the jumble as the people of San Francisco reorganize their physical and psychological orientations in the world.