Tiger's Heart

Tiger's Heart


A Tiger's Heart by Lauren Wright Douglas
1992, Paperback

An urgent phone call brings a painful life a ghost from Caitlin's past. Jonna must see her. Now. But the person who gets off the little seaplane from Vancouver is not the woman Caitlin loved more than twenty years ago, but her daughter, Jory. "She's dead," Jory tells Caitlin. "My mom is dead."

To police find no body. And suspect only ten-year-old Jory's over-active imagination.

But Jory knows what she saw, and chillingly, what she wants Caitlin to do: find Kirk Ratliffe, her monstrous father, and kill him.

In her search for Ratliffe and the truth of Jonna's life with him, Caitlin calls on all her resources: Tonia, the loving strength in her life; computer genius Francis the Ferret; photographer and helpmate Lester; and, indispensably, the wraith-like Gray Ng.

Caitlin cannot conceive of what she will face. For Gray Ng's mysterious intuitions will lead them into lethal danger-and the greatest terror Caitlin has ever known.