Workspace for Rent

Need a quiet workspace on a regular basis?

Glad Day Bookshop is offering our 3rd floor office space & event space for the following monthly rates:

$390 a month for one day each week
$690 a month for two days each week
$890 a month for three days each week

The way it works is you pick a day of the week, like Tuesday, and the space is yours from 7am to 3:30pm that day for the whole month.

The space includes:
- A small office space
- A large meeting space which can be used as a rehearsal or studio space (800 sq ft)
- A full kitchen & private bathroom
- Free wifi
- Storage space (2 shelves)
- 45 chairs, 8 tables

This is ideal for people who work from home and need a space with less distractions or a place to have all your meetings.

If you are interested, please email to find out more.
There are some limitations on how you can use the space. You will be charged HST on the rental cost.
Preference will be given to people who commit to longer periods of time and/or whose work compliments the mandate of Glad Day Bookshop.