NOTE: We are currently experiencing a lengthy delay in taking on new volunteers. With the move and an increase in interest, we are behind in getting back to people who are interested in volunteering. Thanks in advance for your patience!


We are looking for a few good faeries. If you could share a little of your magic with us, you will be one!
Glad Day Bookshop is the world's oldest surviving LGBTQ bookstore. Two years ago, a group of community members bought the store to save it from closing. Now. we are looking to go from survival to growth - and we could use your support to do it. Many of y'all have asked what you can do to help Glad Day Bookshop stay strong, be bold and cultivate creativity. Below are some things you might be interested in.

SHORT TERM (3 hours or more)

Rare Book Appraisers
We’ve got thousands of titles that need to be appraised. You’ll have access to our rare books and we’ll show you how we determine the value & price of these unique books.
[Minimum commitment of 5 hours. Mostly done in-store but could also be done from home under certain conditions.]

Online Store Builders
We are bringing LGBTQ books to the world! The store helps us sell books, but it also increases our accessibility and it builds an important collection of stories and voices that don’t exist like this on the internet yet. It takes about 10 minutes to create a new item in the online store, and we have over 6000 items.... so we need help. This is a good job for someone who has a random few hours here and there because once you are trained you can come in any time and help out!
[Minimum commitment of 5 hours. Usually done in-store but could also be done from home under certain conditions.]
Multi-Lingual Stock Coordinators
Français! Español! Deutsch! 中文! Italiano! Português!
We have hundreds of books in languages other than English but we need help creating an easy-to-view catalogue of these books. We need people who can tell if these books have LGBTQ content or authors. Then we need to build a spreadsheet of the data.
[Time depends on the language. Most of the labour must be done in-store.]
Audio Collection Producers
We are creating a collection of audio works that we will be selling online. We are looking for people who have the skills and time to record, edit and produce professional sounding works by local poets, writers, spoken-word artists, performers, etc. We can coordinate the artists, we can provide the space and maybe some of the recording equipment. You would need to provide the editing software and equipment.
[Time depends on the project. Could be done from home.]
World Pride Author Ambassadors & Hosts
We will be hosting a variety of authors from out-of-town during World Pride this year in Toronto. We are looking for folks who would be willing to show these authors around and make sure they feel welcome. We may also be looking for people willing to let authors stay in their homes.
[During Pride Week]
Special Event Supporters
We have a number of special events on the weekends and evenings. We could use help with set-up and take-down of these events.
[Minimum commitment 3 hours.]
Lovely Labourers
There are many unglamourous jobs that we could use a hand with. There are things like putting up posters, handing out flyers & alphabetizing the books. These are things we only need once in a while; we would just send you an email when we could use some help.
[Minimum commitment 1 hour.]
Graphic Design Darlings
The bookstore itself actually has some great artists and graphic designers supporting the shop. It’s the many special events hosted that could use the skills of a graphic designer. We would match you up with local authors, community groups and charities that use our event space – they could really use your help with things like creating a Facebook banner for their event or snazzy posters.
[Time commitment flexible. Can be done from home.]
LONG TERM (3 months or more)
Finance Wiz
Show us a little money magic. We could use the skills of someone with an education or background in finance to help us track and analyze our sales & costs so that we can plan better and experiment more.
[Minimum commitment of 4 months requested. Time per month depends on you.]
Marketing Genius
We’ve had some major successes with marketing but we could do better. Our major marketing project for the coming year is online promotion of our online store. We could also use folks who want to try out other marketing strategies, merchandizing techniques and/or special events.
[Minimum commitment of 3 months. Length of time depends on project.]
Book Review Coordinator
We’d like to gather readers’ reviews of LGBTQ books. These could be written, audio or video reviews. Based on the format, we’d share them online and in the store. We need someone to coordinate, collect, edit and post these reviews. We would help with finding reviewers/readers.
[Minimum commitment of 6 months. Length of time per month is flexible. Can be done in from home.]
Tumblr Curator
We need someone (or a few someones) to curate the Glad Day Bookshop presence on Tumblr. As the world’s oldest LGBTQ bookstore, we are committed to sharing, promoting and supporting diverse queer and trans voices and stories and our Tumblr should reflect that.
[Minimum commitment of 3 months. Daily postings preferred. Can be done from home.]
Pintrest Curator
We need someone (or a few someones) to curate the Glad Day Bookshop presence on Pintrest. As the world’s oldest LGBTQ bookstore, we are committed to sharing, promoting and supporting diverse queer and trans representation and voices and our Pintrest should reflect that.
[Minimum commitment of 3 months. Can be done from home.]
LONGER TERM (6 months or more)
Online Literary Journal Editor-In-Chief
We would like to host a Queer Literary Review Online. The key challenges facing emerging authors are developing a readership, getting published and being promoted. This is especially true for folks from marginalized and racialized groups. We’d like to create an online platform to develop a reciprocal community of readers and writers – to bust open and out a spectrum of voices. This project needs a leader.
If you think you might have the experience, skills and time to lead this project, let us know. This project also has some income-sharing possibilities.
[Minimum commitment of 18 months. Can be done from home & at accessible locations.]
Online Literary Journal Editorial Team
Once we have a established the platform and parameters, we will need an editorial team. Duties would include reading, selecting, posting and editing submissions
[Minimum commitment of 6 months. Can be done from home & at accessible locations.]
Small Press Publisher
It is our intention to become a small press or imprint. There are so many images and stories that are missing and desired by our communities. The print format and publishing industry is undergoing a major upheaval and publishers are taking less risks than ever before – so we need to look at taking those risks! This project needs a leader. We may designate a leader from among our current co-owners, but if you believe you have the time and skills to commit to this epic responsibility, let us know! This project also has some income-sharing possibilities.
[Minimum commitment of 2 years. Can be done from home & at accessible locations.]
Toronto Poetry Anthology Editors
One of the first books we intend to publish is a collection of poetry by local LGBTQ authors. We will need one or more editors to coordinate this project.
[Minimum commitment of 1 year. Can be done from home & at accessible locations.]
Are there PERKS to volunteering?

Sure there are! You’ll be part of a vibrant, loving, sex-positive, butt-kicking community. We will provide you with whatever we can to help you on your personal or professional paths, like reference letters, networking opportunities and good vibes.
We will also provide you the following perks: After 5 hours of volunteer time: 5% off for 2 months
After 10 hours of volunteer time: 10% off for 2 months
After 25 hours of volunteer time: $40 Gift Certificate & 10% off for 2 months
After 50 hours of volunteer time: 20% off for 3 months
After 75 hours of volunteer time: 6 free hours of 3rd floor rental space, with tech
After 100 hours of volunteer time: Order any books & DVDs ‘at cost’ for 3 months
Interested? If you are interested in any of these roles, send a message to: erickson@gladdaybookshop.com
And we’ll let you know what the next steps would be.