Rainbow Readers Club


Save money. Support your shop.

People always ask us what they can do to help Glad Day Bookshop survive the tough times all indie bookstores are facing. At 44 years old, Glad Day Bookshop is the world’s oldest LGBTQ bookstore and we have the world’s largest collection of lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer titles. We organize free community programming, support emerging writers and have been pivotal in increasing freedom of speech in Canada. We are also Toronto’s oldest surviving independent bookstore.

We’ve done some thinking and research and we’ve decided to try a version of the Community Supported Business model that has worked so well with agriculture and farmers’ markets. When you become a RAINBOW READERS CLUB member you help our indie bookshop stay stable and strong.

How does it work? How do I benefit?
You become a Rainbow Readers Club member by pre-paying for future book sales – and the more you buy, the more you save. It’s like buying yourself future gift certificates.

You Spend

You Get

You Save

Sent To You




$10 Store Credit for Books Quarterly




$25 Store Credit for Books Quarterly




$50 Store Credit for Books Monthly


How does it help Glad Day Bookshop?
By guaranteeing us future sales, we are more able to bring in more diverse and robust stock right now, at a lower risk.

How do I buy these?

1) IN STORE - You can fill out the application form and pay in the store
2) ONLINE – You can click HERE to pay via PayPal
3) OTHER – You can call us and arrange a method that works for you 416-961-4161

Are there any limitations?
The store credit for Rainbow Readers Club members can only be used for book stock. It cannot be used on magazines, DVDs or other merchandise.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy more than one, or more than one at each level?

Can I buy one for a friend or give it as a gift?
Yes. Simply let us know on the registration form or over email and we’ll set this up.

Does it ever expire?

What if I don’t use them right away or want to save them up – can I use many at one time?
Yes. They are cumulative. This means that if you don’t use them right away or spend the entire amount on your visit, it carries over.

How will I receive the store credit?
You will receive an email with a code. When you come to the shop, just say your name and your code. We’ll check it in our system and let you know how much credit you have available. After the first few months, we might change this system based on customer feedback.

When will I receive the store credit?
You will receive your first store credit within 3 business days. After that, you will receive it at the start of each month if you choose the $500 plan. If you choose the $38 or $90 plan, you will receive it quarterly at the start of March, June, September & December.

What if my purchase is less than my store credit? Do I lose the money?
No. If your purchase is less than your store credit amount, you can use the remaining credit on your next visit.

Could I buy these and request that they be donated to someone or an agency in need?
Yes. You can request that these go to an agency or group of your choice. We also know of organizations that work with LGBTQ people in economic need who could benefit from this kind of donation. Alternatively, you could donate this to a public school or high school in Ontario and we will contact them and inform them on your behalf. You can do all of this anonymously, if you choose.

Can I use these for special orders? Can I order books that don’t have LGBTQ content?
Yes. Just call ahead or email us and we can tell you when you can expect your order to arrive; delivery times vary greatly depending on publisher. You can order any type of book from Glad Day Bookshop; we have access to virtually all publishers and distributors.

Can you choose a book for me?
Yes. We will be creating a way for you to get a "Glad Day Pick" based on your interests.

Can I use these for the online store?
Yes. We can easily turn these into online store credit.


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