QUEER LOVE POETRY - Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions


Glad Day Bookshop is seeking unpublished queer love poems to share with our supporters. As part of a fundraising campaign, we email one queer love poem out each month to folks who participate in our Patreon campaign. You can see more info about it here:

- Longer than 7 lines, no maximum length
- Never published in print or online anywhere
- Explores 'queer love' (this is open to your interpretation)

- We will send your poem out by email to our supporters
- You retain all rights to your piece and can use it any way you wish after we have sent it out to our supporters. Our supporters will be informed they do not have permission to copy, share or reproduce your piece (unless you state otherwise)
- This is a global call-out, you can be residing anywhere in the world
- You will be paid $20 CAN if your poem is selected and shared

Subject line:
Begin your subject line with the words QUEER LOVE in caps

In the body of your email

Let us know your name, address and gender identity & sexual identity. We are committed to sharing diverse and dynamic voices; letting us know other parts of your identity may improve the chances your piece is selected, so you might want to let us know if you identify with any culture, race, religion, ability or identity that is often underrepresented, misrepresented, forgotten, silenced or marginalized.
If you have a link to a website with more of your work or an author profile, please also include it.

As an attachment

Include up to 3 poems for consideration.

Send all submissions to:

There is no deadline for this and poems will be kept on file for consideration for 6 months. You may submit up to 3 new poems every two months.