Help Build a Library for an LGBTQ2S Youth Shelter


Sprott House has newly become Canada's first LGBTQ2S youth shelter. Glad Day Bookshop is working with Sprott House to create a library in the House that youth can use. Glad Day Bookshop will be donating over $800 worth of books but that's only about 60 books - so we could use your help it making the collection more dynamic and diverse.

Here's how you can help

1) Drop your book donations off at Glad Day Bookshop before February 15th and get $1 in store credit for every two LGBTQ2S books in decent condition that you donate (up to $10). We'll make sure the books get to Sprott House, saving their staff time and keeping the location more confidential.

2) Buy some books for the Sprott House library! Look through our book collection, choose the books you want to buy for Sprott House and we'll give you 30% off on your choices*. Just send an email with your selections to: and we'll send you the invoice with a secure online payment link.
Our book collections are here:

*some limitations may apply

1) If you want us to write an inscription in the books you donate, that's no problem! Just let us know.
2) If we get 3 or more copies of the same book, we will donate them to the second LGBTQ2S youth shelter that is being set up this year or we'll donate them to another youth organization.


More info on Sprott House is here: