Digital Sales Agreement - Publishers



The term 'Publisher' shall refer to any publisher, small press, writing collective or any other organization that creates and distributes multiple creative works from multiple authors or artists.

Retaining Rights
All rights are retained by current rights holder. Glad Day Bookshop is providing a digital sales and distribution option and does not require exclusivity.

Currency & Terms
Glad Day Bookshop uses the Canadian Dollar as its currency base. All agreements and correspondence with regards to anything financial will be referring to amounts in Canadian Dollars unless otherwise explicitly stated by a representative of Glad Day Bookshop.
The term ‘Gross Sales’ refers to the sale price of a work before taxes or fees.

Profit Sharing
Profit sharing follows the formula below. All amounts are cumulative over time.

Gross Sales

Percentage to Publisher

Payout Schedule



Yearly – March or September



Yearly – March or September



Twice a year – March and September






Gross Sales


Glad Day Bookshop

3 copies at $6.95
= $22.85

= $16

= $6.85

20 copies at $5.95
= $130.90

70% on $49 = $34.30
75% on $80.90 = $60.68
TOTAL = $94.98

30% on $49 = $14.70
25% on $80.90 = $20.23
TOTAL = $39.92

37 copies at $12.95
= $479.15

70% on $49 = $34.30
75% on $100 = $75
80% on $348.15 = $278.52
TOTAL = $387.82

30% on $49 = $14.70
25% on $100 = $25
20% on $348.15 = $69.63
TOTAL = $109.33

111 copies at $12.95
= $1372.70

70% on $49 = $34.30
74% on $100 = $75
80% on $900 = $720
85% on $323.70 = $275.15
TOTAL = $1104.45

30% on $49 = $14.70
25% on $100 = $25
20% on $900 = $180
15% on $323.70 = $48.55
TOTAL= $268.25

The Publisher can set the price of their work or they can defer to Glad Day Bookshop to set the price, within a set price range.

Taxes and Fees
Glad Day Bookshop will pay all GST and HST sales taxes to the government.

Glad Day Bookshop will cover all fees associated with sales transactions, including but not limited to, credit card fees, PayPal fees, sales platform fees and digital content hosting fees.

Formats and Additional Fees
The Publisher will provide us with a PDF and/or ePUB version of the work.

If the Publisher is unable to provide us with a PDF or an ePub version of their work, we can discuss options.

Product Description
The product description will be take from the Publisher's website or publisher should provide a description of the product, which can also include testimonials.

Product Image
The Publisher should provide a high resolution digital image for the product.

Delivery Costs
Unlike other online sales platforms, we will not be charging any delivery costs at this time.

Sales, Complimentary Copies & File Sharing

Glad Day Bookshop reserves the right to offer a sale of up to 20% on the work. In this instance, Glad Day Bookshop will absorb ¾ and the Publisher will absorb ¼ of loss of gross profit based on the sale. For example, if your work is $9.99 and there is a 20% sale on the work, Glad Day Bookshop will absorb $1.50 of the loss and the Publisher will absorb $0.50 of the loss.

Glad Day Bookshop reserves the right to give up to 3 complimentary copies of the work to reviewers for the purpose of increasing sales and public profile of the work.

Glad Day Bookshop reserves the right to share copies of the work with our staff and volunteers to improve our knowledge and ability to serve our customers and the public as well as for technical purposes (ie creating the item on our online store and uploading the digital file to the platform and checking for file errors and compatibility).

Removal of Work
Glad Day Bookshop reserves the right to remove the work from our sales platform at any time.

The Publisher reserves the right to have their work removed from our sales platform at any time, giving us at least 2 business days to remove the work.

Edits and Revisions

The Publisher can provide us with edits and revisions of the work. However, updating files on our sales platform will happen when staff time and labour permits.

Changes to this Agreement
The Publisher will be informed of changes to this agreement by email. If the Publisher does not agree to any of the changes, they may remove the content from the Glad Day Bookshop sales platform.

Complete the Agreement
You can complete the agreement here: