Building a New Bi Anthology

Glad Day Bookshop is looking to create and publish a new bi anthology.
For our first step, we are using WORLD PRIDE in Toronto as a time to review some submissions and discuss next step. You can check out the event HERE.


This anthology will be a collection of pieces exploring bisexuality and sexual fluidity (including pansexuality and other terms that refer to desire beyond a single sex or gender). We do not have a timeline for publication yet, but we are encouraging people to start submitting piece now.

- All forms of writing are accepted (non-fiction, fiction, poetry, script, visual imagery, memoir, rant, etc)
- Maximum 3000 words
- Ideal word count for fiction & non-fiction is 400-800
- You should have the rights to publish this piece in an anthology
- Send an edited and proofread version, not a draft copy

Submit via email to:

First deadline: 
Thursday June 19th 11:00pm
(If it is in by this time, it might be included in the Sunday event)

Second deadline:
August 1st, 2014, 11:00pm