Community Curated Programming - World Pride 2014

Want to organize an event for World Pride 2014 but can’t afford or find a space?
Glad Day Bookshop will be hosting Community Curated sessions in our 3rd floor event space at various times from Friday June 20th to Monday June 30th. Glad Day Bookshop is located at 598 Yonge Street, near Wellesley TTC station... at the heart of World Pride 2014!

We are now accepting applications from groups and individuals who want to run a free 60-90 minute event during World Pride.


Your session must:
1) Have a guaranteed attendance of 20 people
2) Be free to attend and not make any profit

Priority will be given to sessions that do at least one of the following:
1) Provides a space for voices, experiences and stories that are often absent, tokenized, minimized or forgotten during Pride
2) Explores topics and issues that are messy, complicated and difficult but must be explored if we are going to increase our freedom and reduce our suffering
3) Explores forgotten histories
4) Gathers people together who often have challenges gathering together based on systemic or financial barriers
5) Provides an opportunity for attendees to craft, create or build something tangible

Priority will also be given to proposals that further at least one of these core values:

- Creativity
- Pleasure & Sex Positivity
- Freedom of Speech
- Social Justice & Diversity



- Space for 100 standing, 50 seated
- 7 tables, 50 chairs
- Stove, oven, sinks and fridge
- Data projector & sound system (no screen or computer)
- Support with marketing and promotional materials



We have a simple online form for you to fill out here:

DEADLINE: Wednesday May 7th 9pm

Your application doesn’t need to be perfect – please don’t let any fears you might have about your English writing ability stop you from applying. We are more interested in passion than perfection. If the form itself is a barrier to you applying, just send an email to and we’ll figure out a way that works for you.

Please note: Glad Day Bookshop is not wheelchair accessible but we will be organizing and hosting some events during Pride Week in fully accessible spaces.