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From the author of Fun Home, a profoundly affecting graphic memoir of Bechdel's lifelong love affair with exercise, set against a hilarious chronicle of fitness fads in our times.
The Secret to Superhuman Strength
Alison Bechdel
Hardcover | May 2021
in store $35.00
(more on order)
Eight mighty island warriors battle to become king. The deciding factor? The one who comes last, of course!
Dick Fight Island, Vol. 1
Reibun Ike
Paperback | May 2021
(on order)
A photographic celebration of the love and relationships of queer people of color by a former New York Times multimedia journalist

“Thank you, Jamal Jordan, for showing the world what true love looks like.”—Billy Porter
Queer Love in Color
Jamal Jordan
Hardcover | May 2021
(on order)
In 1979, JEB self-published her first book, Eye to Eye: Portraits of Lesbians. In a work that was revolutionary for its era, JEB made photographs of lesbians from different ages and backgrounds in their everyday lives—working, playing, raising families, and striving to remake their worlds.
Eye to Eye
Hardcover | Mar 2021
in store $44.95
(more on order)
This timely, moving debut novel follows a teen's efforts to keep his family together as his parents face deportation.
Daniel Aleman
Hardcover | May 2021
in store $23.99
(more on order)
From rights for queer parents to banning conversion therapy, Cheri DiNovo's story will inspire people (queer or ally) to not only resist the system—but change it.
The Queer Evangelist
Cheri DiNovo
Hardcover | Apr 2021
in store $29.99
2021 CANADA READS FINALIST, Lambda Literary Award and Georges Bugnet Award for Fiction winner

Finalist for the Governor General's Literary Award for Fiction, the Amazon Canada First Novel Award, the Indigenous Voices Award, the Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award and the Firecracker Award for Fiction

A tour-de-force debut novel about a Two-Spirit Indigiqueer young man and proud NDN glitter princess who must reckon with his past when he returns home to his reserve.
Jonny Appleseed
Joshua Whitehead
Paperback | Apr 2018
in store $19.95
A transgender teen named Ryo finds an escape from the expectations and anxieties of his daily life in the world of street fashion. This personal, heartfelt, fictional story from a transgender manga creator made waves in Japan and will inspire readers all over the world!
Boys Run the Riot 1
Keito Gaku
Paperback | May 2021
on order $16.99
(releases May 25 2021)
A fiercely personal account of what it feels like to stop drinking after a decade of excess, Run Riot takes the reader through moments of determination, anger, hilarity, and heartbreak.
Run Riot
Ash Winters
Paperback | Jan 2021
in store $18.00
Beloved storyteller Ivan Coyote returns with their most intimate and moving book yet, a series of the most special communications received from readers and audience members from their years on the road.
Care Of
Ivan Coyote
Hardcover | Jun 2021
on order $25.00
(releases Jun 8 2021)
This illustrated book of advice on love, dating, and friendship—written by and for queer women and people of marginalized genders-is the new go-to queer relationship handbook.

Fix yourself a cup of non-caffeinated herbal tea and prepare to laugh, cry, reminisce, and feel your feelings as you read through these quintessentially queer dating dilemmas.
Ex-Girlfriend of My Ex-Girlfriend
Maddy Court
Paperback | May 2021
in store $28.95
(more on order)
Longtime cartoonist Eric Orner's debut graphic novel is a dazzling, irreverent biography of the iconic and iconoclastic Barney Frank, one of the first gay and out congressmen and a front-line defender of civil rights.
Eric Orner
Paperback | Nov 2021
on order $34.99
(releases Nov 2 2021)
In How We Do Family, Trystan shares their unique story and what he’s learned about being the best parent, partner, and person you can be. Through crisis, adoption, pregnancy—and all the usual challenges of parenting—Trystan shows that more important than getting things right is doing them with love.
How We Do Family
Trystan Reese
Hardcover | Jun 2021
on order $32.95
(releases Jun 29 2021)
An emotional new diary comic from the award-winning creator of My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness and My Solo Exchange Diary.
My Alcoholic Escape from Reality
Nagata Kabi
Paperback | May 2021
in store $18.99
(more on order)
"Sat down and read Stealing Thunder in one sitting, cried a lot." -Taylor
Stealing Thunder
Alina Boyden
Paperback | May 2020
in store $22.00
"It’s the most viscerally horrific, disturbing BL manga I’ve ever read. It’s also one of the most beautiful." -MJ

CW: extreme violence and sexuality
Madk, Vol. 1
Ryo Suzuri
Paperback | Feb 2021
in store $17.99
(more on order)
Glad Day Bookshop is the first queer-focused Canadian bookstore, and the oldest queer bookstore worldwide. Serving the LGBTQ community since 1970, we offer the widest possible selection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit, and queer literature.

Product info:
Paperback, spiral bound
61 pages, full colour

Shipping fee: $11.95 for 1-3 copies


We couldn't be more excited to be selling this gorgeous, comprehensive, dynamic new cookbook put together by the Trans People of Colour Project.

A true labour of love, this cookbook is a cornucopia of meaningful recipes lovingly curated by our TPOC members and project team. Additionally, the cookbook features unique sections including cooking and eating on a budget, hormones and healthy eating for trans folks, and resources and sexual health promotion information to support racialized trans folks. 

The Trans People of Colour Project (TPOC) is a three-year project funded by the Toronto Urban Health Fund. The project is designed to foster affirming support, greater access to food security, and access to meaningful sexual health promotion information for racialized trans folks. TPOC is an integral component of The 519’s support of BIPOC 2Spirit, trans, and non-binary community members within The 519, and has continued to provide support through the pandemic. Between 2019-2020, TPOC had over 300 visits to the drop-in. 

About The 519
For 46 years, The 519 has served as a valuable and vibrant hub for LGBTQ2S communities in Toronto and beyond, as well as for residents of Toronto’s Church and Wellesley neighbourhood. As Canada’s largest LGBTQ2S community centre and service provider, it has been an affirming first touchpoint for many queer, trans and two-spirit folks looking to find community. We had 546,767 visits between April 2019 and March 2020.


Product info:
40 pages, full colour

Shipping fee: $7.95 for 1st zine, $1.00 for each individual zine, no additional charge to add it to an existing order


They were buying adrienne maree brown's "Pleasure Activism", you were buying a smutty zine and some sexy vintage postcards when you made eye contact in front of the QTBIPOC Faves shelf. You cuddled up during a Sapphic Sundays screening... if a hand wandered south in the darkness, who's to say?

Celebrating 50 years of sexual liberation and sexually charged art with stories that are intended to titillate and tantalize, the SMUT PEDDLERS: GLAD DAY 50 ZINE is chock full of smutty stories, poetry and photography lustily curated by the Smut Peddlers team.

Smut Peddlers: Glad Day 50 is available in store at Glad Day Bookshop (499 Church Street) or get it online individually or by requesting it to be added to an existing order using this form.

You can also purchase the ezine PWYC, with all donations going to Glad Day Lit, the non-profit arm of Glad Day Bookshop.

This is an extremely limited run of 101 numbered zines, available only as long as quantities last, first come first served. #69 is already spoken for.

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Click through for more information about the books, including resources, articles and interviews once the book club gets under way.
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Lorimer's Real Love collection of young adult LGBTQ+ novels are for olders kids and teenagers who are interested in reading subject matter for their age level, but find dense material daunting. With dozens of incredible authors in their roster, this is a great way to get a kid into reading.
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