Voyeuse, The: A Candid Look at Female Peepers

Voyeuse, The: A Candid Look at Female Peepers


The Voyeuse: A Candid Look at Female Peepers by Dale Gordon, Ph.D
published in 1968, paperback


It is rare to hear of a VOYEUSE; so rare indeed that many believe they do not exist. Yet any psychiatrist can supply us with case after case from his file involving female voyeurism. This book conclusively proves that female peepers do exist. THE VOYEUSE is a study of their actions, their motivations and the part female peepers play in the modern sexual revolution now under way. 

The author's interest in the subject came as an outgrowth of extensive study in the field of wife swapping. A large percentage of those women interviewed admitted that they were sexually stimulated by the sight of male genetalia, and especially by the sight of others engaged in various forms of sex. 

Among the case histories are:
Peggy W., a secretary who walked the streets with her eyes riveted on every man...but only at a point slightly below his belt buckle. 
Peeping Tami, who prowled the lovers' lanes seeking couples in sexual embrace. 
Linda W., a gang rape started her on a life of perversion. 

These and many more examples of the female peeper are covered in THE VOYEUSE, a startling new approach to a neglected facet of sexuality"