Superstar Stud

Superstar Stud


Superstar Stud by Mike Woodward
1982, Paperback

Books and magazine stories about the film industry are filled with amazing tales about how major actors are discovered. One popular star of long standing was a truckdriver before a talent scout happened to spot him making a delivery at a Beverly Hills mansion. Another pitched a tent and camped in the park across the street from the studio gate until he was granted a screen test, a test which landed him a role in an important movie. Some of these fantastic stories are myths, lavishly embellished by public relations departments to catch the public's attention. Others are the truth.

Randy Toski was an orphan, ekeing out a lonely existence as a retail clerk. He had no assets, other than a handsomely chiseled profile and a beautifully sculptured physique. There was no hope of advancement until he was spotted by a photographer. Just as the Hollywood myths promise, Randy was rocketed to instant success. Not until he had been remade by the studio, his past altered by skillful publicity does he begin to wonder whether all the fame, all the glamour, is worth the price.

As Tosk Randson, the name given him by the studio, wontonly roams through a midnight world of drugs and free sex, he begins to see that there are real dangers. As he attains success, he is vulnerable, easy prey for anyone who knows too much about his past. What price will that ruthless person exact from him? Only too quickly, Randy discovers the answer to this question. What he does about it forms the terrifying climax of this gripping novel.