Queer as Folk: the book

Queer as Folk: the book


Queer as Folk: the book by Paul Ruditis

first published 2003



Irreverent, hilarious, and brave, "Queer as Folk" chronicles the lives and loves of a group of Pittsburgh's most fabulous gay men and women. Packed with hundreds of full-color photographs, this "Queer" book features episode guides that go behind the scenes and in-depth interviews with the actors, producers, and crew who bring the show to life. With synopses, trivia, quotable quotes, and never-before-seen photos, it's the ultimate companion to one of Showtime Network's highest rated shows!

Look inside for special features like "The Anatomy of a Sex Scene," a riveting glimpse into the sensitive work involved in taking a love scene from page to screen. Visit the sets of Babylon, Deb & Vic's house, Brian's loft, and more. And don't miss out on Deb's words of wisdom, a collection of wise and memorable gems ("You smother a pork chop, not a son") from one of "Queer as Folk'"s most beloved characters. It's all here.

As spirited and edgy as the show it honors, "Queer as Folk: The Book" is the only official companion book there is!