John by James J Proferes

Published 1969, Paperback

Carmine Purdue moved closer to Dean. He had always wanted the youth. Now he was drunk and Carmine could do what he wanted with him. 

Carmine tore at the boy's clothing. Then he looked at the naked youth. Dean was almost passed out. Carmine watched Dean's flesh rise and wave defiantly in the air. Carmine grabbed it and brought his lips against the top of it. Dean moaned. 

Carmine was not happy with that. He had a new way of having his men: he dressed himself carefully as a woman and lured them into his bedroom.

Sailors, Marines, men and boys, as long as they were male and not gay, Carmine had to have them. He lusted for more and more. He could never be satisfied. 

His friends warned him against it. He only laughed. He knew better. He was having too much fun. Bud day by day he was heading of it: his fate was written.

CONDITION: Very good condition.