Hot Asset!

Hot Asset!


Hot Asset! by George Kiva
1991 (2nd Printing), Paperback

Terry knew all about golden showers. He had known for a long time, ever since someone taught him years earlier, what it felt like, what it tasted like, and how completely it worked him over. But even that knowledge wasn't Terry's best asset...his ass was, and he had the hottest asset in town.

Hot Asset! is the story of Terry's hot ass, and how completely he used it for fun and games. In the neighbourhood club house where all the boys stripped down and played rough and raunchy, romping bareass and catching each other by the handles they most loved to touch, and to feel, slipping in and out of every Hot Asset!

George Kiva has been around a long time, and has he ever been around. Here you will recognize the many real things that George know, from personal experience, to be almost sinfully sexual. If the actions that most boys fumble through on their voyage to self-sexual discovery, it becomes readily apparent why the shocking need to do just that is freely surrendered to.