Dock Strip

Dock Strip


Dock Strip by L.K. Rogers


Bart's work-hardened body started to tremble with the fire of lust which raged in his loins. His manly rod stretched and caused Don's cheeks to bulge as the bound man pumped on it. Grinning evilly, Bart felt his juices welling up in his balls, and he pulled his rod from Don's willing mouth. His juices spewed on the ground. "Hey, what'd you do that for?" the disappointed sucker exclaimed. "You don't deserve it - not yet!" Bart grinned. His boot came up in front of Don's face. "Start licking," the powerful man commanded. Don moaned and leaned forward again, to do the powerful stud's bidding. 

CONDITION: Worn around the cover and spine, and small tear on a couple of pages.