Captain's Mast, The

Captain's Mast, The


The Captain's Mast by Roland Graeme
published in 1981, paperback


"Doug is a sexy, totally amoral California teenager who carries his own brand of Gay liberation with him wherever he goes - in this case, to Japan, where he is to visit his bachelor uncle, Lewis. Not knowing that his nephew is Gay, Lewis looks forward to his visit but is afraid it will interrupt his torrid (if purely physical) affair with Yuichi, a young Japanese hustler who has become infatuated with him. Little does either Doug or Lewis suspect that they will get along just fine - in bed and out - once Doug arrives in Japan.
But before he can do that, Doug has to spend a week crossing the Pacific aboard an ocean liner. His time on the ship isn't wasted however: he quickly finds an attractive fellow passenger to score with before sampling the crew members and graduating to the biggest prize of all - the humpy Gay captain himself! The captain's exciting threesomes almost tempt Doug to sign on as cabin boy. 
He follows his original plans, though, and is introduced to Japanese gay life by Lewis - and Tuichi, who, it turns out, really gets around, especially when a shipload of horny sailors comes into port. A lurid escapade in a Gay brothel and a trip to a Japanese bathhouse form the double climax as Doug experiences a side of Japan that few tourists are privileged to penetrate"